Government shutdown live updates: McCarthy floats clean funding bill

Lawmakers have until the end of the day Saturday to reach a deal to keep much of the government open With Congress failing to agree on spending, the U.S. is barreling toward what could be one of the largest government shutdowns in history If they I think if we had a clean one [CR] without Ukraine on it, we could probably be able to move that through I think if the Senate puts Ukraine on there and focuses Ukraine over America, I think I think that could cause real problems McCarthy said FridayLeaving a more than two-hour contentious GOP conference meeting, Speaker Kevin McCarthy is now floating a two-week clean short-term funding bill with no attachmentsdon’t, 3.5 million of federal workers are expected

McCarthy said “I think we can solve that” if the Senate sends a clean short-term measure with no Ukraine aid or any other If they produce a clean ability to keep the government open while we finish our work and have gotten to our [appropriations] McCarthy said if the Senate sends over its current proposal, then “it’s probably leading to a shutdown bills I think we can solve that he said This is a significant change in position from McCarthy on the eve of a potential government shutdown The speaker claims he proposed to put a clean short-term funding bill on the floor but said “Democrats won’t vote for So that would be a shutdown,” he said itattachments McCarthy acknowledged “there are no winners in a government

I think it s productive that we keep the house open while we finish our work he added A government shutdown would be Our work would clearly be affected by this. It would make it harder to do everything we do to try to advance national security. So, we urge Congress not to take this step,” Blinken said detrimental to the State Department’s efforts on the world stage Secretary of State Antony Blinken said at a news conference Friday afternoon Asked if he would view a continuing resolution that didn’t include supplemental funding for Ukraine as a suitable compromise, he didn’t answer I’m not going to comment on the specifics of legislative arrangements. That is up to the members of Congress,” he said A partial

Military recruitment which is already suffering would take a hit in a shutdown and send a “horrible message to young people and deter them from enlisting, Kirby said Young people graduating high school here, you know, in the spring, they can be forgiven for thinking, ‘Maybe that’s not where I want to go Why would I want to sign up and do that dangerous work, when I can’t even guarantee that there’s going to be a paycheck for it Kirby said While Kirby said there is patriotism and a sense of duty in serving in the military, he said a shutdown hurt service members You start missing a couple of paychecks when you’re in active-duty service to the nation, and it starts to hurt. You can’t buy groceries, or as many, anyway. Bills are tougher to pay, rent and mortgage payments are tough to cover

Unlike shutdowns past, where lawmakers passed appropriations bills to fund the Department of Defense personnelthe White House estimates that 2 million military members will have to without pay if the government shuts down over the weekendPresident Joe Biden, at a farewell ceremony for Gen. Mark Milley, said if the House fails to keep the government open it will have “failed all of our troops,” going as far as calling it a “disgrace Austin Carrigg, a military spouse, spoke to ABC News Live about the impact a partial government shutdown will have on her family. Carrigg said she and her husband, Master Sgt. Joshua Carrigg will be in a life-or-death situation if they don’t receive a paycheck because they might not be able to afford medication for their 11-year-old daughter, who has

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