Parrot’s Q&A Session With Pet Parent Goes Viral, Amuses Netizens.

The viral video that features a parrot answering all the questions its pet parent poses was shared on Instagram. Many were impressed after watching the video.

A video of a parrot and its human is going viral on social media, and the reason might curl up your lips into a smile. In the video, the parrot impressively answers all the questions asked by its pet parent during a Q&A session. What’s even more impressive is that the parrot correctly answered them all.

“Houston, we have a ‘bottle’,” reads the caption of the video shared on the Instagram page dedicated to the parrot named Apollo.

The video opens to show Apollo’s pet parent holding the letter ‘r’ and asking it what letter it is. The parrot correctly answers it. Next, he holds up a bottle and asks Apollo what it is. Not only does the parrot accurately identify it as a bottle, but it also uses its beak to determine that it is made of glass. Throughout the video, the pet parent poses questions, and Apollo keeps on answering them.

Although the video was shared a while ago on Instagram, it has collected over 32.8 million views and still counting. The video has received over 3.1 million likes and numerous comments.

Here’s how people reacted to the viral video shared on Instagram:

“How can I be happy equally every time I hear him say the same words? Such a pretty animal,” posted an individual.

Another added, “He says metal like Mr Bean.”

“You should consider sending him to college,” suggested a third.

A fourth commented, “Easy questions, bro. Ask him his thoughts on global warming.”

“I like that he touched the bottle to be sure it’s glass and then also touched the bowl without being asked JUST in case he is also asked what the bowl was made of,” expressed a fifth.

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